Trial outcome in front of a spectacular audience

The decisions at the Trial European Championship 2013

Abel Mustieles Garcia from Spain is European Champion in the 20-Inch Trial competition. Garcia delivered an exceptional performance on the extremely difficult course. He secured the title in the Super final early after the first two sections of the course. Before, his opponents the Czech Vaclav Kolar was eliminated, and the Dutch Rick Koekoek fell in the water pit, which threw them out of the gold race. Garcia’s fellow countryman Ion Areitio Agirre set a new mark. But when Garcia’s run was up he kept his nerves and delivered a world class performance. After yesterday’s women’s competition again two Spanish finished on the Podium. The Dutchman Koekoek completed the top three despite his fall. The Swiss Lucia Leiser wasn’t involved in the battle for medals, his qualification for the final of the last eight was a success.

The 26-Inch competition was dominated by the “equipe tricolore”, with all the medals going to France. World champion Gilles Coustellier won comfortably with an outstanding performance. After the first of four sections in the Superfinal his victory was already confirmed, he could enjoy the last three sections with all the pressure of his back. Vincent Hermance (silver) and Aurelien Fontenoy (bronze medal) completed the French Podium.

The Trial events attracted several thousand spectators to the old bear pit. The medal ceremony in the early evening with another several thousand spectators in front of the Swiss Parliament building was a worthy setting for the athletes who delivered great performances.

Bike Trial Results
20“ Super Finals: 1. Abel Mustieles Garcia (ESP); 2. Ion Areito Agitrre (ESP); 3. Rick Koekoek (NED); 4. Vaclav Kolar (CZE); 5. Raphael Pils (GER); 6. Daniel Comas Riera (ESP); 7. Lucien Leiser (SUI).

Official Results

26’’: 1. Gilles Couestellier (FRA); 2. Vincent Hermance (FRA); 3. Aurelien Fontenoy; 4. Andrei Burton (GBR); 5. Guillaume Dunand (FRA); 6. Laszlo Hegedus (HUN); 7. Giacomo Coustelier (FRA); 8. David Hofmann (GER).

Official Results

Author: Benedikt Anderes / 22.06.2013
Interviews: Benjamin Blaser