A major event without Volunteers – impossible

(Deutsch) Dies belegen auch die Zahlen der Mountainbike Europameisterschaft 2013

No big event without volunteers – proof are the figures of the Mountainbike and Trial European Championships in Berne: 233 volunteers have been recruited for jobs before, during and after the championships, for example in construction, modification and teardown of the courses, in safety along the courses, in medical services, in the support of the officials, in doping control etc.

Anschi, Natalie, Andi and Urs are fully motivated to support Swiss sports with their engagement. Furthermore they like to make new experiences and are willing to take over responibility.

Volunteers are deployed in various task, they get some experience behind the scenes and learn about operational areas.

The volunteer enthousiasm of the randomly interviewed Anschi, Natalie and Urs started during the EURO 2008 in Berne, since then they have been active at different events in sports, at concerts or festivals.

Andi and his brother were motivated by a member of the Organising Committee who formerly was one of their ski camp leaders. They have travelled to Berne from the far away canton of Graubünden. Andis skills as a high voltage electrician are well appreciated in construction of the trial compound. He is looking forward to working on the Gurten on Sunday!

Anschi works in the accreditation office, at the info desk on Parliament Square and as security guard along the cross country race course

Natalie is in charge of separating spectators and athletes and directing the athletes  tot he entry positions at the trial competitions on Münsterplatz and –plattform.

In normal life Urs works as customers’ navigator with the Swiss railways and is part of one of their care teams. He volunteers as an assistant of the officials during the team competitions and of the judge in trial. He is positioned inside the trial competition zone, surveys the start preparations, controls the procedures oft he competinhg athletes and those on inspection and keeps counting the points. On Sunday he will help with the logistics on the Gurten.

Above all however there is this feeling of togetherness, of being one big family supporting each other, working for the same goal, have fun, meet old and make new friends.

Author: Margrit Buletti / 22.06.2013