Grüezi, Bonjour, Buongiorno, Allegra in Switzerland

Location: Central Europe
Capital: Berne

Founded: 1291
Cantons: 26
Population: 8’014’000

Highest point: 4637 m Monte Rosa
Under protection of UNESCO: 11 World Heritage sites
Area in square kilometers: 41290

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Swiss franc
1 Sfr. = 0.8 Euro

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The 26 Cantons of Switzerland.
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The highway exits and parking possibilities.
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Berne – welcome to the capital city!

Berne is the capital of Switzerland, home city of approx. 132 000 residents and hence the fourth largest city in Switzerland. Founded in 1191, the city even is 100 years older than Switzerland – therefore you can find impressive witnesses of time in Berne’s historic district. However Berne is not only architecturally and historically interesting, the city also stands out due to its location: the Aare, the biggest river running only on Swiss ground, flows around the old city in a large Arc, making it a Peninsula. In the already relatively small Switzerland Berne is perfectly situated in the Midlands. Zurich, Basel and Geneva can be reached within 90 minutes, the famous Swiss Alps even faster.

Berne also offers a wide range of cultural and tourist activities. Museums, concerts, theater or just sight-seeing are all within easy walking distance from the city center.
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Gurten – welcome to 864 meters above the sea level!

An adventure mountain with amazing views, closeness to the city and yet surrounded by nature. The locally lovingly named “Güsche” is in fact many things: a play mountain, panoramic mountain, music mountain, theater mountain and ski mountain. And the MTB EC 2013 makes it an unforgettable sports and event mountain par se!
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Köniz – welcome to the countryside and the city!

39 000 people live in the commune of Köniz. Therefore this rural agglomeration says goodbye to the rural character in some parts and shows urban traits. Nevertheless due to its vast area of 51 square kilometers, the commune will always be an urban and rural community at once. Since the commune is not only made up of the main city Köniz, but also of other districts, villages, hamlets and neighborhoods as well as the beautiful mountain Gurten, which is located on Köniz’s grounds and on which will be held the MTB EC in June 2013

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